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Does your kitchen reflect who you are and how you live?

Why CIAO Kitchen and Bath?

WE DESIGN – Your kitchen, bath, or entire interior, to reflect your vision and support your lifestyle– while meeting your budget.

Our experience and proven integrity provide you with peace of mind during the entire remodel.

WE LISTEN – When the entire process is done we want you to feel that it was your creation, and better than you ever imagined.

WE COLLABORATE – We work with builders, architects and designers to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

EXPERIENCE – We honed our profession while living in Italy. Returning home, we founded Renaissance West in Whitefish, Montana making cabinetry and furniture for luxury Rocky Mountain homes in Montana and Colorado. Now we apply our experience in the Denver area, to homes of all styles and budgets.

We Provide:

Manufacturers of Cabinetry, Tile, and Countertops who come with the highest standards of quality and aesthetics and who have demonstrated that they can be trusted to meet and exceed our expectations and stand behind their product.

Affiliated Suppliers of Flooring, Glass, Doors, Appliances and others provide proven materials and experienced installers.

PLAN AHEAD- Begin the design process as soon as possible. Although our suppliers are very reliable, everyone is experiencing delays. Likewise, experienced labor is in high demand and must be scheduled well in advance.

CONCIERGE SERVICE – Whenever necessary, we come to you for meetings, and at times that work around your schedule. Some presentations can also be done on-line to avoid unnecessary travel.

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DESIGN – We design or work with your Interior Designer or Architect.



Through affliates: Applicances, Flooring, Plumbing Fixtures, Lighting

FIRST STEP – Free on-site meeting, just call or email

INSTALLATION РOur cabinet installers are true professionals with decades of experience, not months.

CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS – We know how to facilitate their process


CIAO Kitchen & Bath LTD. - Ann Marie and Franco

Franco Guerri and Ann Marie Guerri are innovators with a fresh take on kitchen and bath design and execution. Their concept: build a lean kitchen and bath business providing full service, depth of experience and creativity without the high markup dictated by large showrooms and layers of management and useless infrastructure. The result: better pricing and more quality time spent with you the client when it’s convenient for you. More flexible scheduling for you the client. More time spent on the job site making sure everything comes out as planned.

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