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What We Do

CIAO Kitchen & Bath LTD. - Services

DESIGN – From interview and concept to renderings and technical drawings we guide you, to the goal of accomplishing a final product you’ll love. Knowing first hand that all construction projects can be intimidating and disruptive, we devote time and effort to keeping things moving with the lease disruption and inconvenience possible.

Should you have your own interior designer, we support them to accomplish their vision for you.

Kitchen design- Ciao Kitchen & Bath

SUPPLY PRODUCT A LA CARTE – We will help you select and obtain all the products and materials required. We are direct distributing suppliers of cabinetry, tile, and countertops. Through our affiliates we also will work with you on purchasing appliances, flooring, plumbing fixtures, lighting, doors and more. You choose what you’re wanting to supply. Where we’re involved as direct distributors or affiliates, you’ll get competitive pricing and suppliers will take extra care when they are answering to us.

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CABINETRY – We work with five outstanding manufacturers of high-quality cabinetry. We have a curated selection of door styles and cabinet samples in the showroom. Your budget and requirements will dictate the price point and deliveries. These manufacturers run the gamut from fully custom to simple cabinets for the tightest budgets. Our top three collections can provide a wide selection of styles, and one manufacturer is the most high tech maker of contemporary cabinet style. All have proven to deliver quality on the promised delivery times. (FYI, we don’t advertise who they are online because we’ve invested a lot of time and money to find them and qualify their work.)

Bath design- Ciao Kitchen & Bath

TILE – Again, we show a curated array of tile in our showroom and can obtain almost all tiles you may want. If we provide tile for the job, we not only help you with selection and placement, but we help select grout and Schluter colors and make sure they’re on site with the tile.

Kitchen design- Ciao Kitchen & Bath

COUNTERTOPS – If you purchase countertops from us, we provide a complete package of materials and installation. We’re usually on site during the installation and our fabricator/installer is one of the best in the area. We show a large selection of quartz countertops and can guide you to extensive showrooms of natural materials in Denver. We can also provide wood countertops and live edge one-of-a-kind pieces.

Kitchen design- Ciao Kitchen & Bath

FIRST STEP – Where to start? With a simple call we determine your needs and usually will set up a free on-site or showroom meeting. Typically, this will include measuring your kitchen, bath, or other part of the house. We will also review the process that is appropriate for your needs.

Design- Ciao Kitchen & Bath

INSTALLATION – We will coordinate our delivery and installation dates with you and/or your builder. We review all selections and designs with you and/or your builder. We will supply drawings indicating rough wiring and plumbing requirements, and if your builder is willing, we will do a thorough walk-through, marking locations of cabinets and rough-ins in order to prevent rework if at all possible.

Kitchen design- Ciao Kitchen & Bath

CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS – If you have a builder or general contractor selected, we will work with him or her to discover the tentative schedule and the extent of what they want us to supply in both labor and materials. If you need a builder, we will do our best to help find one for you.

ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERS – We love to work with architects and designers. They make our work easier and we try our best to make theirs easier as well. We have a cooperative mindset and know that there is always a win-win solution to any situation or problem.

Bath design- Ciao Kitchen & Bath


Kitchen and bath design is done free of charge if we are supplying cabinetry, tile and countertops.

Whole house design is done on an hourly basis. Kitchen and bath portion of the project is free if we’re selling materials as stated above.

Other services can include drawings for permits and lighting; room by room specifications for the builder; color palettes for all surfaces; and selection of plumbing and lighting fixtures to be purchased.

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CONCIERGE SERVICE – Because we’re not keeping a showroom open six days a week, we are better able to adjust meetings to your availability. Some meetings can be conducted online via zoom or other software. This works especially well when we’re presenting drawings, renderings and pricing. Some meetings lend themselves to us coming to you, while others are best conducted in the showroom. Some kitchens or baths can be done in as little as three meetings, but design changes and more extensive projects will require more. Prompt communication by text or email are also very essential to the design process. All this can be done while respecting both the clients’ and the designers’ time and schedule.